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CHARTER, Friends of Beeds Lake, Beeds Lake Restoration Project
CHARTER, Friends of Beeds Lake, Beeds Lake Restoration Project History
Ages ago when Iowa was newly released from the last glacier, a race of people much like Eskimos inhabited this territory. Of them we know very little. The Mound Builders who succeeded them inhabited the whole of the Mississippi Valley and especially east of the Mississippi built mounds to honor their dead. After much time the Sioux from the west and the Algonquin from the east crushed the Mound Builders who may have fled to the Arizona and New Mexico region. The tribes of the Sioux were the sole possessors of the north of Iowa from the mouth of the Upper Iowa River to the mouth of the Big Sioux River, the main tribes being the Dakota, the Otoes and the Iowa. Years later in 1841 the U.S. Government moved the Winnebagoe to this area now called the Neutral Ground created in 1830 to separate the Sioux Tribes and the Algonquin Tribes of mainly Sauk and Fox. Again in 1846 the Winnebagoe were moved to Minnesota.
In 1854 T.K. Hansbury obtained the water rights to the area of the park and started building a dam about 80 rods wide and 10 feet high. A quarte mile millrace connected this pond to a sawmill which turned out rafters, siding and shingles. In 1859, a grist mill was opened. Finally tiring of the continual maintenance and repairs the mill and water rights were sold to William Beed in 1864 for $6500. Beeds improvements began immediately as he raised the dike 10 feet and enlarged the millrace to prevent freezing. The enlarged gristmill became known as the Franklin Roller Mills. This mill closed in 1904 and William Beed later died in Des Moines in 1912. In 1917 Henry Paulus bought the property, drained the pond and raised corn on the site. A tax levy to finance flooding the old pond and stocking it with game fish failed in 1926 but those plans were brought back and enlarged by the State Conservation Commission in 1933 and in 1934 the Civilian Conservation Commission began to help in the project.
The Friends of Beeds Lake began their work in 1992 when Doc C.W. Sprugal with a group of Friends announced their vision for improvements to the park. Lack of state funding over many years had led to the neglect and deterioration of the facilities at the park, outdated farming practices had contributed to the environmental decline, both of which affected the parks recreational appeal. As a group of volunteers they set about to make what improvements they could to the park. Their accomplishments include streambank stabilization projects, construction of a gazebo and shelter,installation of thousands of feet of terracing and initiating various changes in farming practices throughout the watershed to reduce silt infiltration. Their cooperation with the IDNR, County SWCD. the US Dept. of Agriculture and local civic groups led to many and various park and watershed improvements. That successful history has inspired the effort to begin an effort to remove Beeds Lake from the states impaired waters list by improving the water quality and protecting the lakes watershed, its aquatic life and ecology.

Mission Statement
The Friends of Beeds Lake will endeavor to improve the water quality of Beeds Lake, will work to protect its watershed and so its aquatic life and ecology. The Friends of Beeds Lake will act to restore Beeds Lake State Park and its waters to a condition that enhances its economic value, promotes the parks recreational uses and so raise the quality of life of the residents of North Central Iowa and make the park a desirable destination to visitors in our area.

The Friends of Beeds Lake will focus their efforts to improve Beeds Lake State Park and the area encompassing the Beeds Lake watershed. By partnering with various conservation services, farm organizations, legislators, financial institutions, media outlets and service organizations the Friends of Beeds Lake will utilize the expertise and skills of people with experience in park and lake restoration I improvement processes thus enhancing the expertise and abilities of the Friends of Beeds Lake members.

With the ultimate goal of improving and protecting the lakes watershed water quality and the park infrastructure the Friends of Beeds Lake will (goal 1) promote the dredging of approximately forty five acres of the lake including about thirty acres west of the causeway, four acres of the original lake west of the silt dam and an additional eleven acres of siltation west of the silt dam. For continued protection, for future expanded recreational uses and water quality issues the Friends of Beeds Lake will ( goal 2 ) push to have the current silt dam removed and a structure adequate to control siltation of the lake installed. In a complimentary effort to control siltation and bacterial carryover the Friends of Beeds Lake will ( goal 4 ) through various means publicize and educate area residents and land owners about programs and directives concerning septic system improvements, (goal 3) upland treatment for livestock manure application, livestock fencing and waterway protections. In an effort to remediate a localized source of bacteria the Friends of Beeds Lake will ( goal 5 ) investigate and promote programs to manage an expanding goose population in the park. In a continuing effort to maintain and upgrade park infrastructure the Friends of Beeds Lake will (goal 6 ) partner with various groups to secure funds and commitments for the promotion, maintenance and upgrades to the park.
The Friends of Beeds Lake will promote the monitoring of water quality improvements and participate in the collection of data to gauge the effectiveness of the programs and projects initiated and completed. The Friends of Beeds Lake acknowledge that lakes having well documented watershed protections are the best candidates to proceed with restoration efforts and that local commitments are an absolute necessity. The Friends of Beeds Lake appreciate that long term the most critical element is that interest and participation be maintained. The Friends of Beeds Lake intend to succeed in improving and protecting Beeds Lake State Park and its waters.

Friends of Beeds Lake is an open and free organization and so welcomes anyone who agrees to abide by its purpose, principles, decision making procedures, to communicate freely with members and participate in its promoted programs to attain its stated goals.

The organization of the leadership shall consist of two directors, a president, a vice-president, a secretary and a treasurer. The president shall be the principal executive officer of the organization and put into effect the decisions of the leadership. The president shall supervise the business of the group and preside at meetings of the leadership. The, vice-president, secretary and treasurer shall act under the direction of the president and the vice-president will perform the duties of the president in the presidents absence. The secretary will keep minutes of the meetings, maintain the records of the organization and communicate to the members of the group the decisions of the leadership. The treasurer shall maintain and keep the financial records of the organization and direct funds according to the needs of the group.

Thanks to the publications Iowa History Project and The Making of Iowa.

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