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Miles of Smiles Race Series
Miles of Smiles Race Series The Friends of Beeds Lake Restoration Run has joined The Miles of Smiles Race Series. Should be fun! Check: http://iffamilydentistry.com/milesofsmiles.aspx Come join your friends and make new friends at these family fun races. Rack up some smile miles and win some prizes! All the races are listed on The Running Wall and Fitness Sports. Some are on Active also. Read on for information and contacts. Hope to see you at the races!

FREE to join!

The Miles of Smiles Race Series
sponsored by Iowa Falls Family Dentistry

In an effort to promote healthy lifestyles and support local charitable running races, Iowa Falls Family Dentistry will sponsor the second annual “Miles of Smiles Race Series” this summer. The series will unite area races that have become traditions for local runners and walkers into a larger overall competition.

A points system will be used to score participants based on overall placing, age group placing and the total number of events run. The points system is set up to level the field for participants of all ages to be able to compete for the awards. Points will accumulate throughout the season. At the end of the series, cash prizes will be awarded to the top male and female point scorers and the top overall scorer will receive a trophy. Anyone who completes at least 3 of the races will receive a free technical running shirt commemorating the achievement. Anyone who completes at least three of the races will be entered in a drawing for additional prizes.
There is no cost to enter the Miles of Smiles Race Series (regular race entry fees apply for each race) and participants can run in as many or as few of the races as they want.

Check: http://iffamilydentistry.com/milesofsmiles.aspx for all the details.

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